Why would you want to track your team’s location using Team Tracker app ?

Team Tracker App   March 25, 2015   Comments Off on Why would you want to track your team’s location using Team Tracker app ?

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Team Tracker App allows you to track your team’s location and communicate with them through android and ios handheld devices.

  • When the location information if central to your field operations and you want to take important decisions on how to optimise the work, based on staff location. E.g. Courier business, fleet operations, logistics and delivery business or any field sales and support operations.
  • When the location information is not just important for your operation HQ but also for the field staff to know how far or close they are from each other. E.g. Can person X and Y, close the support or sales call better if they are together ? Whom should you call, if you need an immediate assistance or help for any challenge faced on the field.
  • When group and 1:1 communication is equally important – Using team tracker app, you can do a 1:1 chat with an individual team member to direct or understand the happening of the day or receive field reports . You can also broadcast important messages to the entire team in an instant. The teams are organised as per your functional requirement and one person can be part of different teams as well. This makes sure, that you can optimise the communication as per your teams function.
  • Field operations and process integration – Majority of the field operation guys are now going mobile, as in they carry a specific operation or process via their mobile devices. A delivery person get the customer’s confirmation through a mobile device. A Sales person can update the transaction details on the sales call on the mobile. Team Tracker app customised version can help you integrate such process or build such processes within the app . Give us a call and we can explore that path.
  • Real time field insights – Team Tracker App is fully operational on mobile and has extra added advantage of web / desktop admin panel. Admin panel is used for the subscription management and also for team managers to get detailed views and reports. You can do much tasking in terms of not just get a snapshot of your team’s spread over a area or geography but also chat with multiple people. The reporting gives you insights in a quick dashboard on teams presences and attendance and detailed reports are available too.
  • Ultimate insight on field operations – At the end of a period, the ultimate aim of Team Tracker App is to provide you with best data on your field operations (sales, marketing, logistics, transportation and anything else). The location information that you are capturing from your workforce’s devices and perhaps have other integrations, will tell you a lot. Which physical area needs more attention?, Why you are always stuck in managing a specific area?. In what different ways, you can optimize the field workforce to get better results and a lot more.
  • Team safety and coordination – Not just HQ from team, but team on the field also has multiple requirements when they are at the job. They might be working on disaster management, working in difficult situations or might have frequent need of assistance on the field (due to nature of their job). Working out that now, mostly involves HQ intervention or multiple coordinations just to know the person available nearby. We solve that for you, a teammate nearby is always at a glance on your phone.

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